Over the years, thousands of youth have passed through the doors.  Every child has a story. Sometimes they just need someone to listen. The staff knows the majority of the kids by name, which means something to them.  The Foundation provides strength to families that need support, provides life skills when they may be missing at home, and often educates parents along the way.

The Foundation is different from many programs in its approach. It is a place of choices and the youth always come first -- no matter what is on the agenda that day. Best of the Batch Foundation knows that a child makes a decision in a split second. It could be the right one or the wrong one, so the moment for that child is now. Through mentoring, the Foundation is breaking cycles and creating new generations of youth who are graduating from school and seeking trades or college.


Best of the Batch Foundation strives to keep all students on track with their academics, whether after-school or during the summer. We keep track of each student's academic performance and build upon weaknesses that may arise in their studies. We partner with dedicated teachers from the Steel Valley School District to acquire additional homework, lessons, and educational materials to ensure that what we are focused on learning is aligned with what the students are learning in school.