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Girl Talk is a national non-profit program focused on high school girls mentoring middle school girls by building self-esteem, developing leadership skills, and recognizing the value of community service. Girl Talk at Best of the Batch Foundation seeks to support the positive growth and development girls need during the formative middle school years through weekly educational meetings throughout the school year. Starting in 2015, our talented Steel Valley High School mentors adapt lessons provided by Girl Talk nationals to fit the needs, environment, and questions of the Steel Valley Middle School participants they teach. While some lessons are more light-hearted, such as making new friends and the importance of teamwork, other lessons speak on life’s more difficult situations, such as racial prejudice, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships. The root of all our lessons is to provide our middle schoolers correct information, helpful resources, and real advice from high schoolers who have experiences the middle schoolers can relate to.

Did You Know?

- A girl's self-esteem peaks at age 9.
- Only 21% of all girls believe they have the qualities to be a good leader.

Giving Back

In addition to weekly lessons, our Girl Talk participants complete 3-4 service projects a year! Our girls have helped collect toys for our annual toy drive, Batch A Toys, beautified their neighborhood by cleaning up trash and planting flowers, and handmade blankets for patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh as a holiday surprise.


At Best of the Batch Foundation, we aim to take our Girl Talk participants on multiple trips a year that will expose them to different places or events that they may not regularly have access to. Our girls have learned about farming and bee keeping at Trax Farms, tried ice skating for the first time at PPG Place, and were able to view and touch costumes from The Wiz! Live at the August Wilson Center.

93 Percent

93% agree it helps with increasing self-esteem

92 Percent

92% agree it helps build strong leadership skills

92 Percent

92% agree it helps foster a passion for community service

90 Percent

90% agree it helps give courage to say "NO" to risky behaviors

Our Vision

Girl Talk’s vision is that all girls live confidently, lead fearlessly, and grow into women who support and encourage each other. Through weekly meetings, service projects, and educational trips, Best of the Batch Foundation inspires a community of young female leaders to embrace what makes them unique and use that strength to change the world.

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