After School

After School / Out of School Time

The after-school time, between 3:00pm and 6:00pm has been determined to be the most critical time to engage youth. Youth in afterschool programs do better in school and achieve higher levels of education. At Best of the Batch Foundation, we take the interests and opinions of our children when developing comprehensive after-school curriculum. Children are encouraged to  explore what they like, in a way that provides them with an alternative way of learning.


During after-school and out-of-school time, children are given the freedom to explore their interests through on-computer play, art projects, outdoor activities, and STEAM-based lessons. Additionally, children are welcome to come kick-back and relax by playing Xbox, PS4, or Wii in our Gaming Center. 

Study Lounge

Study Lounge

As children come in with homework, or are just looking for a quiet place to read or study, they are directed to our 3rd Floor Study Lounge. In this space, children may also receive tutoring if requested. 

After School / OST

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